Cook up Winning Magic with Alchemist's Lab Video Slots


Get ready with your magic words and sit down to the three-reel, single pay line video slots game of Alchemist's Lab. Just as the alchemists of old attempted to transform base metals into precious gold, this slots game can transform your three-dollar bet into a ten thousand dollar payout. This game is great for beginning slots players, as it offers big opportunities to transform casino credits into gold (up to ten thousand dollars!) without the complications of multiple pay lines and player selections. Unlike many other single pay line slots games, Alchemist's Lab includes a bonus game which offers an opportunity to create additional gold from the initial wager of one to three coins. Bottles of colored potions at the sides of the screen bubble with the player's winnings after each play, and pour those winnings into the player's game total (noted in the alchemist's lab notebook) as the player goes on to the next spin. The graphics place the player in the magician's laboratory with reel symbols of gold rings, gold coins, bottled potions, alchemy symbols, and ancient-looking science scrolls.

The bonus game materializes whenever you turn up three symbols depicting ancient books. In the bonus game you select three potion bottles with the aim of creating a golden coin, pouring the flasks of potions into a bubbling cauldron to see what bubbles to the surface. The bonus game can score a stunning payout of ten thousand dollars when you turn up a trio of gold coin symbols.

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Set in the graphical representation of the actual wood-floored lab of the alchemist, you'll find yourself surrounded by lab implements, scrolls, chemistry flasks, and all the tools you might need to transform your own wager into a golden opportunity. The reel itself is designed to look like a cryptex--an old-style implement with spinning parts which fans of the Da Vinci Code will recognize as an ancient coding device. The player-interface buttons represent laboratory flasks and bellows for the forge, and open spell books track player winnings. This game represents all the fun and excitement of a graphic-loaded game experience and potential for big winnings, with a uniquely easy format of play. No complications, just a pot of gold at the end of the reel. Similar exciting slots can be found, played and won at Spin Palace.