Gear up the Batmobile for Batman Video Slots


Enjoy a showdown, DC Comics style, between Batman and the Joker with the Batman video slots casino game, featuring five reels and a whopping fifty pay lines, with free spins, bonus play, Scatters and Wild—although for once, Joker’s not Wild. An Extra Bonus Bet feature allows you to play the full fifty lines plus an additional ten credits, pumping up the possibilities for a big win. Set amid the dark and fantastic atmosphere of Gotham City, and featuring heroic animation sequences, the reels themselves are full of Batman themed symbols like the Batmobile, Batcycle, Commissioner Gordon, the Batsignal, Batman logo, Batman’s grappling hook, the Baterang, and the Joker’s calling cards of a squirting flower, joker gun, and the Joker card, as well as (of course) Batman himself.

The Batman logo serves as the Scatter symbol, and if you’re playing the bonus bet, three or more Scatter symbols appearing on a pay line will trigger the Descent into Madness bonus feature, quadrupling your original wager. Five Scatters boosts the multiplier to one hundred times the wager—up to one hundred twenty thousand at max bet capacity. The bonus game takes you to an asylum where the Joker is imprisoned, and you take down its crazy inmates with the Batarang to prevent the Joker’s escape. Even if the Joker foils your attempt to contain him, you rack up credits for hitting inmates, and for taking on the Joker himself. Trap the joker and you score one hundred times the original bet.

When the Batsignal and the Commissioner show up together on the first and last reels, Batman spreads his wings into an Expanding Wild for the next three spins, which are free, and all their payouts doubled. Batman serves as the Wild symbol, substituting for any other symbol (except for the Scatter) in assisting you to line up a matching row for a jackpot, and sometimes even expanding into a stacked Wild covering the whole reel and flipping pay lines into wins. Don't you wish more casino games, like blackjack and roulette had awesome themes like this?