Dare to Play Video Slots with Daredevil


Daredevil video slot is one of the Marvel-ous series highlighting Marvel comic characters. This one, featuring Daredevil in his red costume, along with symbols of his weaponry, in a five reel, twenty pay line slots game. Daredevil includes a unique skill-based feature called the Bull’s-eye casino bonus, in which your target aim can increase the winnings of any spin.

Daredevil himself serves as the Wild symbol, substituting for any other symbol (except for the Scatter) in assisting you to line up a matching row for a jackpot. The appearance of Daredevil also triggers a bonus game and free spins, which pay out with different multipliers. You can trigger a new round of free spins during the original free batch, for an experience of free gaming that can go on almost indefinitely.

Progressive jackpots are among the most lucrative pots in the world of online slot machines, built up as they are by the contributions of multitudes of players—and Daredevil video slots position you for a chance to pull in one of these huge jackpot prizes, in addition to the payouts of the Daredevil game itself. Along with other slots games which are part of the Marvel Comics line-up, the Incredible Hulk slots game is part of the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot, a series of multiple games that are linked together, with every player’s spins in all of those games adding contributions to the jackpot. All the participating players are eligible to win the ever-growing jackpot prize, which is awarded with a randomly generated trigger during regular play of one of the connected games.

If your spin at the online casino Daredevil game happens to trigger a Jackpot game, you’ll have the chance to select from the four separate jackpots in progress, place your bets (higher bets result in better odds for you) and spin for the big win. The progressive jackpots build at different rates, with smaller prizes but better odds on one end, and larger prizes but steeper odds at the other. If you’re sent to a bonus round, you can choose from the smaller Hero, the medium sized Super Hero, or the largest Marvel Hero jackpot. The timed game itself will have you selecting spaces to reveal the hidden symbols, trying to match up a winning row to take home the jackpot. And it’s a truly Marvel-ous jackpot. You can visit 888 Casino to play now.